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Osada (長田) family name, Eikichi (英吉) first name, (1925-2001)

Eikichi Osada



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1925: Born in Tochigi Prefecture.

1940s: Moved to Tokyo to enter Hosei University. After graduation, started to run printing business[※ 1].

1960s: Often watched torment plays by Rose Akiyama and theater group Aka to Kuro in the late 1960s.[※ 1].

1965(?): Holds the first Osada Seminar show at Ars Nova in Asagaya.[1][※ 1][2].


1970(?): Starts a mah-jong salon called "Lotus" in Kanda where he had been holding Osada Seminars once a month on Sunday nights at Ars Nova. The mah-jong salon closed after about one year.[※ 1].

1974(?): Watches Contradictory Confession by Kazuya Mukai. Watched his torment shows once a month.[※ 1][3].

1976: Keiyu Tamai, who had just moved to Tokyo from Osaka, asked Osada to have his Osada Seminar at the Roppongi stage of Tamai's theater group, Theater Scandal.

1978: Starts shows at Doutonbori Theater, a strip theater in Shibuya.


1980s: In the early part of the decade, Osada appears on TV show 11PM on the Yomiuri broadcasting network. The show was shot at the studio of GSG Planning.[※ 1]

1980: A series of six, 8mm film works from Cobalt.

1982: Peforms SM shows all over Japan with Doji Nekura.[※ 2]

1983: Appears in The Document Orgasm (Athena). Produced by Tadashi Yoyogi.

1986: Meets Kazumi Osada who was a writer at that time.

1986: Starts shows with Hiromi Saotome.


1990: Assumes role of president of Tsurumi Shin-Sekai (a strip theater).

1991: Assumes role of president of Funabashi Wakamatsu Theater (a strip theater).

1993(?): Hospitalized from cerebral thrombosis.

1999: Steve Osada starts to learn kinbaku from Eikichi Osada

1999: Appears in A World of SM Masters. Produced by Paradise TV.


2000 Feb 22: Performs kinbaku live on a program produced by Paradise TV.

2000: Interviewed by French press.

2001 Sep 12: Died.

2001 Nov 23: Memorial for Eikichi Osada at Roppongi Jail. Kazumi Osada, Steve Osada, Mary Aoi, Mai Ito, Denjiro Sakurada, Yoshikazu Hayakawa, Doji Nekura, Hiroo Minowa, Miki Mori etc.

Interesting points

As a university student, Osada loved to read Justine, l'Histoire de Juliette, ou les Prosperites du Vice, etc. by the Marquis de Sade.

Loved to read Kitan Club, Uramado, Liberal, etc. Especially liked the articles by Takashi Tsujimura and Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.

Performances and Events

1976: Osada Seminar shows at Theater Scandal in Roppongi for half a year.[※ 1][4]

1980(c): Osada Seminar at studio GSG Planning.[※ 3].

1981: Jan 8. First performance at Akasaka Blue Chateau.[5][※ 4]

1982: Shows at SAMM.[6]

1999: Nov. Performs shows at Roppongi Mistress (until 2000 June).

2000: Apr. Performs shows at Studio 6 owned by Steve Osada (until 2000 Sep).

2000 Oct: Performs a show with Kazumi Osada, Steve Osada and Shiro Maruki.

Selected Works

  • Rope Magician★Eikichi Osada - Kinbaku Technique『縄の魔術師★長田英吉 緊縛テクニック』 (BORDEAUX, 1982)
  • CAMPUS PORNO『緊縛テクニック』 (BORDEAUX, 1982)
  • The Document Orgasm Part-1 (Mimizuku Video, 1983). Supervising editor: Tadashi Yoyogi
  • The Document Orgasm Part-2 (Mimizuku Video, 1983). Supervising editor: Tadashi Yoyogi


  1. The date should be confirmed.
  2. "The model was Rumi Sasamori, a pink film actress. "Gave a small notice in a sport newspaper", "more than 100 people attended"....according to My History of SM, the show was scripted.
  3. Osada recalled that "He philosophically expressed SM...but he must not be a fetishist...I was not fully satisfied with his shows"
  4. The model was Keiko Hase, a pink film actress.
  5. Owned by Mary Aoi. Model was Nami Matsukawa.
  6. Owned by Shigeru Kayama.

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