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Aoi (葵) family name, Mary (マリ) first name

Mary Aoi is a mistress active in the 1980s. She managed Akasaka Blue Chateau in the 1980's.


Mistress, Actor

Alternate Names

葵マリ (Japanese), Naoko Ito (real name)[1], Mariko Osano


Mary Aoi's SM Diary: Noriko's Case

1944: Born in Shizuoka on August 4th.[※ 1][2][3]

1962(c): After modeling for a girls magazine, Aoi becomes a bit-part actor at the Toei film studio in Kyoto.[※ 1][4] Appears in 18 works under the name "Yuriko Himeji."[3][※ 2]

1965(c): Quits acting to get married.

1969: Appears in gravure in the April special issue of "Bessatsu Maruhi" magazine. The title is "White Poacher Swimming in Akasaka Nights," and the scene was Aoi getting scouted at "E" Snack.

1974: Becomes the manager of Ogoto soapland.[※ 2]

1980(c): Opens "Akasaka Night Club Mariko."

1981: Invites Eikichi Osada to do regular shows at Akasaka Blue Chateau.

1982: Participates in a talk with Shinsuke Shimada in The Weekly Magazine Hoseki in April.

1983: Founds ABS Production.[※ 3]

1983: Starts marketing SM videos.[※ 3]

1985: Directs "The Chastisement" 2&3 for Nikkatsu.

1986: Sep 28. Attends the ten issue "S&M Reversal Framework" symposium.[5]

1987: Closes Akasaka Blue Chateau.

1988: Arrested for public indecency in the middle of a show.[※ 4][6]

1988: Opens third related shop "Slave Contract" in spring. Eikichi Osada performs an "end of winter show" on Feb 5th.

1995: Attends the opening party for her successor, Mary Aoi III.

1996: Works temporarily for an advertising agency as a promotional model specializing in cosmetics, sales and operations.[3]

2000: Aoi's company goes bankrupt.[7]

2008: Makes her appearance as the proprietor of a Kabukicho host club.[※ 2]

2019: Lives in Atami.

Interesting points

May Aoi was succeeded by two other mistresses, Mary Aoi II and Mary Aoi III.

Aoi Directed for Nikkatsu studios.

Aoi was active in mass media and built up the image of "SM play."

Performances and Events

Selected Works

  • Mary Aoi's SM Diary: Mika's Case (Boxland, 1982)
  • Mary Aoi's SM Diary: Yoko's Case - Satoko Kikushima (Eizousha)
  • Mary Aoi's SM Diary: Mika's Case (Eizousha)
  • Mary Aoi's SM Diary: Noriko's Case (Eizousha)
  • SM Empress Mary Aoi - Farewell Commemorative Work Love and Cruelty Hall (Golden SAMM, 1987)
  • Royal Club Slave Girls (Starship, 1987)
  • Demon (2004)

  • The Chastisement 2 (Nikkatsu, 1985). Director: Mary Aoi.[8]
  • The Chastisement 3 (Nikkatsu, 1985). Director: Mary Aoi.[9]



in 2000, Aoi was arrested for violating the Employment Security Act because of the presence of a middle school student at a mixed bathing tour she organized.[10]


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