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奇譚クラブ (Japanese)

Kitan Club (1947-1975)


Kitan Club is perhaps the most well known SM magazine in Japan. It's pages introduced fans to iconic SM artists like Reiko Kita, Chimuo Nureki, Oniroku Dan, Shoji Oki, Tadao Chigusa, Takashi Tsujimura and many others. It was also influential to many modern kinbakushi.

Publication Dates


Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Akebono Shobo (to May 1952)

Publisher: Tenseisya (Oct 1952 - Aug 1967)

Publisher: Akatsuki Syuppan (Sep 1967 - Mar 1975)

Editor: Minoru Yoshida

Editor: Koji Sugihara


Kitan Club. Oct 1955 issue.

1946(c): Kitan Club is founded as an adult Kasutori magazines.

1952: With the June issue, Kitan Club changes from a B5 "kasutori" format to an A5 format, marking its rebirth as an SM magazine.[※ 1]

1952: The word "kinbaku" appears for first time in Kitan Club in the table of contents and photo collage in the August issue.

1955: Kitan Club suspended by authorities for June - September issues.

1955: Resumes publication with new black and white covers and new publisher.

1975: Closes with March issue.

Interesting points

Kitan Club started as an adult men's magazine. Until 1952, it featured non-SM articles on night life and sexuality, photos of nude women and fictional stories.






  1. Some references indicate it started in 1947

References (※)

  1. Japanese Kinbaku Photo History. p179.

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