Mayumi Kurokawa

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Kurokawa (黒川) family name, Mayumi (真由美) first name

From special issue of SM Fan. Dec 1980.



Alternate Names

黒川真由美 (Japanese)


1981: Appears in Shigeru Kayama's Discipline Report in May issue of S&M Sniper.

1982: On June 12th, Kurokawa is tied by Denki Akechi at a post-theater performance photo group called "Rope Bondage Girls ~Gag Edition~".

Interesting points

Selected Works

  • Biting Hell 1-2 (Video House, 1980s)
  • SM Breeding Facility III (1981)[1]
  • SM Breeding Class Special Lecture (1982)[2]
  • SM Swapping - Discipline Exchange (1982)[3]


  1. Directed by Denjiro Sakurada at the GSG Planning office in Nishiogikubo. Priced at ¥10,000 (according to Pia No.126. 1981).
  2. Through GSG Planning at Myway.
  3. Through SM Suizokukan at ALS Nova.

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