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Tsukamoto (塚本) family name, Tetsuzo (鉄三) first name

Tetsuzo Tsukamoto was a prolific contributor of both photos and articles in Kitan Club magazine from its early days until its final issue in March, 1975.

From "Beautiful Bondage." Kitan Club. Jan 1962.


Photographer. Kinbakushi.

Alternate Names



"From the Album 'Utsukushiki Imashime #2." Kitan Club News #17. Feb 1954

1950: Tsukamoto begins doing bondage photography around this time.

1953: Tsukamoto take the photos for "Utsukushiki Imashime 1." Bondage by Ko Minomura. Published by Akebono Shobo (which published Kitan Club magazine at this time).

1953: Tsukamoto takes the photos for "Utsukushiki Imashime 2." Bondage by Takashi Tsujimura. Published by Akebono Shobo.

1961: Begins "The Reality of Bondage Photography" series in the June issue of Kitan Club.

1963: Begins "Camera Report" series in October issue of Kitan Club.

1975: "Camera and Pen SM Reportage" runs until the final March issue.

Interesting points

Tsukamoto took advertising photos of strippers for Osaka's Southern D strip club[※ 1].

Hiroshi Urado says, "Tsukamoto often used striped ropes, and it was rope at the core of the bag."[※ 2]

Tsukamoto's favorite model was Fusako Sekiya[※ 3].

Tsukamoto was a long time friend of Takashi Shima, and Tsukamoto took pictures of a bound model while Shima drew pictures of her.[※ 3]

Selected Works

From "Pen and Camera Reportage." Kitan Club. Aug 1973
  • Drawing a Bound Woman. (Kitan Club, Jan 1953). Tetsuzo Tsukamoto and Reiko Kita.
  • A Study of Bondage Beauty Through the Gote and Takatekote (Kitan Club, Apr 1953). Bondage and Text: Takashi Tsujimura. Photography: Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.
  • News Sequence from Readers (Kitan Club May 1953)
  • Spots of Bondage Feeling Through Straw Rope (Kitan Club May 1953). Bondage and Text: Takashi Tsujimura Photography: Tetsuzo Tsukamoto.
  • Realities of Kinbaku Photography (Kitan Club, Jun 1961). Model: Yukiko Rika.
  • Reportage - Whipping a Fairy (Kitan Club, Feb 1970. Play partner: Fusako Sekiya.
  • Rope and Camera: About Kikuko Fukada's SM Lifestyle (Kitan Club, Oct 1971)
  • Camera Reportage - Woman Who Fell in Love with Rope (Kitan Club, Feb 1972)
  • "Camera" and "Pen" Reportage (Kitan Club, Nov 1972)


Photo Collections


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