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Welcome to Nawapedia!


Nawapedia is an online encyclopedia of Japanese bondage and related kinky activities.

Nawapedia aims to bring information about Japanese SM to a wider audience. Much of this information, because of the language barrier, has heretofore been inaccessible to the majority of non-Japanese interested in the subject.

Nawa means rope in Japanese and Nawapedia will be focusing primarily on Japanese rope artists (kinbakushi), writers, photographers, performers, etc.

At this time, we are primarily concentrating on getting the material in Japanese on SMpedia translated into English for Nawapedia. However, we are open to anyone interested in contributing new articles. The subject, of course, should be related to Japanese SM, and submissions must follow the Nawapedia format. Entries must be written from an objective point of view, citing sources whenever applicable. Entries containing self-promotion are subject to editing or deletion.

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  • Seiu Ito An artist and pioneer in the research of erotic torment.
  • Toshiyuki Suma An illustrator, bondage artist, writer and editor who played an important role in the formation of post-war SM culture.
  • Takashi Tsujimura Established modern Kinbaku art in Kitan Club magazine.
  • Chimuo Nureki A bondage artist with the longest and most varied history of any kinbakushi in Japan.
  • Eikichi Osada Established the style of SM live show performances in Japan.
  • Denki Akechi Explored a new era of Kinbaku art.
  • Oniroku Dan One of the most influential SM writers in Japan.

(Nawapedia's logo and the picture at the left use the art work of Toshiyuki Suma.)


  • For Japanese-language information, please visit our sister site at SMpedia.
  • Nawapedia is always grateful for the help of volunteer translators. To join our staff, please contact us at

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