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Osada (長田) family name, Steve (スティーブ) first name

Steve Osada



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1979(c): Arrives in Tokyo and begins immersing himself in Japanese and Kinbaku magazines and videos.

1997(c): Photographs approximately 500 models for fashion and rope by the end of 1997.

1998(c): Meets grandmaster Eikichi Osada at a photo shoot at the Bondage Bar in Shinjuku and becomes his disciple (deshi).

1999(c): Performed weekly with Eikichi Osada at the Master's Bar in Roppongi.

1999(c): Starts contributing to "Letters From Tokyo in the German SM magazine Schlagzeilen (Drachenmann - Germany), reporting about the Kinbaku scene in Japan.

2000: Jan. Starts his first SM website

2000: Apr. Opens StudioSIX club and performance space in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

2000: Oct. Registers his second SM domain

2001(c): Starts running Eikichi Osada's shows after his mentor suffered a stroke.

2001: Sep. Shibari work appears in Wired Magazine.

2001: Oct. Takes over administration of the SM website (now offline).

2002(c): Starts Studying under Denki Akechi.

2003: Sep. Begins career as a bondage artist for various Japanese video production companies.

2004: Sep. Appears in a Shibari Shoot for Playboy TV.

2005(c): Starts Studying under Kanna.

2006(c): Opens up the Kinbaku market abroad by establishing yearly workshop tours around the world.

2007: Jan. Starts studying under Haruki Yukimura.

2008: Jan. Issues the first licenses to certified Osada-Ryu instructors.

2008: Jul. Receives the bakushi name "Harumine" by Haruki Yukimura.

2009: Mar. Registers the SM domain

2009(c): Starts and publishes photobook of selected works entitled, "Aiko".

2010: Mar. Starts working with Norio Sugiura.

2011-2014(c): Frequent TV appearances on all major German TV channels.

2015(c): 500th DVD is released (Bakushiden/縛師伝).

2016(c): 500th Kinbaku Live at Studio SIX satsueikai and performance.

2017(c): Starts studying under Ren Yagami.

2017: Aug. "Letters from Tokyo" book published.

2020(c): Starts regular online workshops via Zoom.

2021(c): Launches Kinbaku Academy.

Selected Works


  • 『Osada Steve On Rope- #1 Getting Started』
  • Shibari - Die Kunst des erotischen Fesselns (Tutorial Vol.1)』(Off-Limits Media, 2010)
  • 『Bakushiden/縛師伝』(Directed by Haruki Yukimura, 2015)


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