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Tamai (玉井) family name, Keiyu (敬友) first name

Keiyu Tamai


Kinbakushi, Actor

Alternate Name(s)



1944: Born in Amagasaki, Hyogo.

1966: Graduates from School of History of Literature, Ritsumeikan University. Following graduation he worked as a high school teacher, life insurance salesman, restaurant staff, disco manager, show planner, freelance writer, etc.

1972: Founds Theater Scandal.

1973: Opens a theater cafe called Scandal.

1976: Moves to Roppongi and starts office of Theater Scandal[1].

Interesting point(s)

Toru Nawa used to be a manager of Theater Scandal.

Performances and Events

1976: From Hitler to Komawari-kun at Aoyama VAN99 hall [2].

1978: Story of Seiu Ito at Jiyu Gekijo in Shimokitazawa.

1978: Performs SM show at strip theater, Syunpu-za in Yokohama in October.

1981: A Girl, Sada Abe at Jiyu Gekijo in Shimokitazawa.

1998: Revival of Story of Seiu Ito at Geki in Shimokitazawa.

2007: A Love Suicide, Ten-no Amijima at Piccolo Theater, produced by Tamai Office and Furusawa Office.

2009: Dassen at Piccolo Theater.

Selected Works


  1. Roppongi 7 chome, Minato-ku
  2. Introduced in the magazine New-Self Oct. 1976

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