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Hayakawa (早川) family name, Yoshikazu (佳克) first name


Editor. Kinbakushi.

Alternate Names

早川佳克(Japanese), Hige(髭)


1949: Born on Jan 20th.

1962(c): becomes interested in SM through reading Kitan Club.

1968(c): ties a woman in a relationship for the first time.

1972: graduates from university after studying the erotic works of Georges Batailee and joins with Shobo Misaki to edit the publication "Erotica".

1973: "Erotica" ceases publication in March. Becomes Editor-in-chief of "Fantasy and Horror" (with editing adviser Hiroshi Aramata) until issue No. 11.

1974: Joins with Koaku Yukio and Tsukasa Shobo.

1980: Joins Million Publishing and becomes Editor-in-chief of S&M Sniper.

1983: In September, starts the Hige no kōyūroku series in S&M Sniper.

1984: Becomes managing editor of Million publishing.

1991: Inaugurates the Hige Salon collective through S&M Sniper. Edits for Soma Publications.

1996: Starts the NIFTY-Serve SM-related internet forum.

1999: Opens the Hige salon via the internet.

2000: Opens "Mugen on the web" internet sub-channels for SM enthusiasts.

2001: Opens Mugen SM Lounge in Roppongi in October.

2005: Attends Denki Akechi memorial service on September 6th with Oniroku Dan, Takasu Motojin and Denjiro Sakurada at Tokyo Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan.

2006: Soma disbands. Mugen SM Lounge closes.

2006: Revives Hige Salon at Queen Lounge, Shinjuku with Akemi Nakamura.

2009: Akemi Nakamura closes Queen Lounge, Shinjuku and moves to a new location.

2012: Hige Salon ends in December.

Interesting points

Long term public and private relationship with Ran Mitsuo.

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