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General Disclaimer

All information on this site (Nawapedia) is provided for educational purposes only and is subject to updates, changes and revisions. All information refers to individuals of an adult age and refers to activities performed with mutual consent or refers to historical events, news coverage or related information of public interest. By using this site, visitors acknowledge that they do so freely and understand they may encounter information they might find offensive.

Nawapedia is an online encyclopedia intended for adults only. We do not support or condone any activity performed for non-consensual or illegal purposes. However, given the global nature of this subject and the global reach of the internet, Nawapedia and its staff assumes no responsibility nor accepts liability for the use of this site, the misuse of information herein, and/or the use of this site by individuals that do not meet the above stated criteria. All visitors hold Nawapedia harmless for such actions or other inappropriate use of this site.

By using Nawapedia, you agree and adhere to the terms of this disclaimer.

Nawapedia thanks you for your acknowledgement and understanding.