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Harukawa (春川) family name, Namio (ナミオ) first name, (1947-2020)

Namio Harukawa is an SM illustrator famous for his drawings of women dominating submissive men, often by sitting on them.

Namio Harukawa



Alternate Name(s)

春川ナミオ (Japanese)


1947: Born in Osaka.

Interesting point(s)

Namio Harukawa took the name "Harukawa" from Masumi Harukawa because she had a large bottom, and pulled "Namio" from Junichiro Tanizaki's An Idiot's Love.[1]

Harukawa made his debut with a reader submission to Kitan Club.

Selected Works

  • Under a Falling Weight (『重量落下物』) (Kitan Club, Apr 1962)
  • Three Slaves and Sister (『姐御と三人のドレイ』) (Kitan Club, May 1962)
  • 『駑馬に跨がる』(Kitan Club, May 1962)
  • 『宮野政子様に送る私の画』(Kitan Club, Apr 1966). p18
  • 『蜘蛛の入れ墨をした女』(Kitan Club, June 1966). p17
  • 『女王様君臨す』(Kitan Club, Oct 1966). p20
  • 『暴力?』(Kitan Club, Jan 1968). p21
  • Bronco (『ブランコ』) (Kitan Club, Nov 1968). p240
  • Pay Day (『給料日』) (Kitan Club, Sep 1969). p237
  • Weeping (『嗚咽』) (Kitan Club, Feb 1971). p182
  • 『乗馬ゴッコ』(Kitan Club, Jul 1971). p186
  • Sweet Assault (『甘い痛撃』) (Kitan Club, Sep 1971). p119
  • 芳野眉美『女の意地』(Kitan Club, Sep 1971). p156
  • 『スベリ台付属品』(Kitan Club, Sep 1971). p195
  • 『御神水拝受』(Kitan Club, Oct 1971). p30
  • 『花奴隷 愛蔵版クイーン通信』(Ourukannou, 1984) Special Issue.

  • The Incredible Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa (2019) ISBN-13 : 978-4309921723

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  1. From "Namio Harukawa Interview - Charmed by Bottoms" in Temple of Holy Women (2006)

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