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春日 (姓) family name, ルミ (名) first name

Rumi Kasuga

Rumi Kasuga first appeared in Kitan Club in 1954. In photos, she often played the role of a sadist who overpowered masochists. She worked often with Masako Ibuki and Shozo Konuma (Onuma). In private life, she was a mistress. She was also talented in kinbaku and writing. It appears she pursued kinbaku independently.


Model, Mistress, Kinbakushi.

Alternate Name(s)

春日ルミ (Japanese)


Kitan Club. July 1954 issue.

1930: Born in Osaka. Parents were an office worker and a shopkeeper.

1940s: Spends a lot of time around the red light district growing up.

1940s: After the war, Kasuga discovers her desire for dominating men during a relationship with a man who was four years older than her.

1950s: While looking at photos of women pressing high heels in men’s necks, Kasuga writes, “some kind of animal instinct flared up within my body.”[1]

1954: Debuts in Kitan Club July.

1970s: Writes a few personal experience articles in Kitan Club.

Interesting point(s)

Rumi Kasuga’s bondage was credited as “Design by Rumi Kasuga”.[2]

Owner of “Bridge” in Shinsekai, Osaka, which broke new ground in gay SM. There is evidence[3] that Kitagawa[4] witnessed SM play between Kasuga and a male partner, and this is the basis for saying she was a mistress in private.

Selected Works

From a 1955 Kitan Club photo pack. Masako Ibuki is on the lower right.


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  3. From Ms. Rin Mika(sp?) on mixi.
  4. Born in 1931.

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