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Ibuki (伊吹) family name, Masako (真佐子) first name

From "The True Face of a Kinbaku Model". Kitan Club, April 1955.



Alternate Name(s)

伊吹真佐子 (Japanese)


Originally from Nagano, Ibuki lived with her mother and younger sister in Shikigun, Nara.

1954(c): First appearance in an SM magazine.

1955: Marries and divorces.[※ 1]

1965: Meets Takashi Tsujimura by chance in Kyoto.

1965: Takashi Tsujimura invites Ibuki and Shigeru Kayama to play in Kyoto.

1966: In Osaka, Ibuki plays with both Mayumi Yoshino and Takashi Tsujimura.

Interesting point(s)

According to Takashi Tsujimura, Ibuki had strong masochistic feelings toward being a "female pig."

Ibuki frequently appeared as Rumi Kasuga's partner around 1954.

Ibuki traveled to Osaka three times a week to study dressmaking as a pretext for modeling for Kitan Club.[※ 2]

Selected Works

  • Two Types of Gote shibari (Kitan Club, May 1954). Frontispiece
  • Explained in Photos - Until the Tying is Done (Kitan Club, Jul 1954)
  • Torment Photo Trip - Outdoor Bondage Journal (Kitan Club, Sep 1954) p200
  • The True Face of a Kinbaku Model (Kitan Club, Apr 1955)

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References (※)

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