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Gurote (畦亭) family name, Suku (数久) first name or Kurotei(畦亭) family name, Kazuhisa(数久) first name

Illustrator active in mid-50's in Kitan Club. Gurote-Suku is a pun on the word grotesque.

Suku Gurote


SM illustrator

Alternate Name(s)

畦亭数久(Japanese), 数久操, 畔亭数久


1954: Debuts under the name "Misao Kazuhisa"[1] in the February issue of Kitan Club News.

Interesting point(s)

Suku Gurote is covered in "DICTIONNAIRE DE L'AMOUR ET DU PLAISIR AU JAPON" by Agnes Giard.

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  1. Spelled "数久操"

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