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Oki (沖) family name, Shoji (渉二) first name

Shoji Oki is a popular 20th century SM illustrator whose works were published in a variety of SM magazines.

Shoji Oki



Alternate Names

沖 渉二 (Japanese), Shyoji Oki (alternate spelling).


Shoji Oki

1922: Oki is born on April 16th in Sumiyoshi, Hyogo Prefecture, but is raised in Osaka.

1940(c): Oki attends Ichioka high school[※ 1].

1945(c): After post-war demobilization, Oki enrolls in the Occupation Forces design department[1]. He studies oil painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (currently Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music).

1947(c): Oki begins working as a western style sign painter[1].

1951: Oki illustrates Kondo Amatoria in the Nov 1951 issue of Kitan Club.

1953: In the spring, Oki’s illustrations start to appear in “1,001 Nights” magazine[1][2][3]. His work also appears on the cover.

1958: Through Genzou Ariyoshi's introduction, Oki illustrates Toshiyasu Sawa’s “The Mermaid and the Dagger.”[1]

1980(c): Starting in the 1980s, Oki gains fame in other arts.[2]

2012: Shoji Oki celebrates his 90th birthday with “Shoji Oki’s Original Art Exhibition ‘Raucus Party of the Imagination (Orgia).’”

Interesting points

Toshiyuki Suma introduced Shoji Oki to Oniroku Dan some time around 1972.[2]

Selected Works

  • Whips, Buttocks and a December Wind (Fuzoku Kitan February 1961: 48. Illustrations)
  • Rope and Woman Picture Collection (Misaki Shobo, December 1970. Compiled by Tankikai)
  • Oniroku Dan’s Original Comics Collection 1 (Magazine Five, 2004)
  • Lewd Picture Gallery of Private Forbidden Rope (MyWay Publishing, 2008)

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