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Sugihara (杉原) family name, Koji (虹児) first name

Sugihara was an editor of Kitan Club who was also worked as an SM illustrator and Kinbakushi.

From November 1953 issue of Kitan Club.


Editor, illustrator

Alternate Names

杉原虹児(Japanese), 嵯峨紀世


1959: Sugihara ties Fumiyo Kinukawa for photos in the January 1959 issue of Kitan Club.

1961: Sugihara ties Taeko Maemoto for Gravure photos in the March 1961 issue of Kitan Club.

1968: Sugihara becomes editor-in-chief of Kitan Club magazine.

Interesting points

In the Artists of Kitan Club, Chimuo Nureki writes that characteristic features of Sugihara's illustrations are its cinematic movement and his preference for long legged women.

Selected Works


Illustrated Story: House of Pleasure and Pain (Kitan Club, Feb 1954)

Illustrated Story: Nightmare (Kitan Club, Oct 1954)

Hands and Feet Behind Suspension & One Rope (Kitan Club, May 1954). Photo set.

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Taeko Maemoto

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