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Hayami (速水) family name, Kenji (健二) first name

Kenji Hayami is best known as a prolific actor in SM videos going back to the early 1980s. He has appeared in hundreds of videos and began his career in the early days of home video cassettes. He usually is cast as the character who binds and torments whoever is playing the role of the female victim at the time. More recently, he has produced a tutorial DVD on how to tie ropes. Most of his work has been for the Cinemagic label.


Actor, Kinbakushi.

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1961: August 17, born in Osaka.

1970: Moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school. Became a member of a theater troupe and studied there for two years.

1981: Debuted as an actor in the Mimizuku (Owl) Video-produced, Dancing Doll, with actress Jun Miho.

Selected Works


  • Shibari - Basic Techniques (縛・基本) (Syou Company, 2003)
  • Shibari - Application Techniques (縛・応用) (Syou Company, 2004)


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