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赤坂ブルーシャトウ (Japanese)

Akasaka Blue Chateau is an SM club operating from 1980-1987. Created by Mary Aoi in 1980 and located in Akasaka 2-Chome, it hosted SM shows about once per week with appearances by Eikichi Osada and others.

Photo of Eikichi Osada thought to be taken at Blue Chateau.[1]


Originally located in a second floor apartment, Akasaka 2-18-19 Akasaka Chalet II202, Minoto Ward Tokyo.

Later, moved to an apartment at Azabujuban


Advertisement in the July 1987 issue of S&M Sniper.

1980: Established by Mary Aoi on June 5th.[2][※ 1]

1980: Nami Matsukawa starts to work here in October under the name "Emi".[※ 1]

1981: Eikichi Osada is invited to perform at a regular Blue Chateau show on January 8th. Ikkaku Tanabe hosts and "Emi" models.[※ 1] Eikichi also appears on February 5th.

1983: Aoi founds ABS Promotions.

1983: Starts selling SM videos in December.

1984: Puts out Shashin Jidai Special Compilation of "New Customs Special Collection 1983".

1985: Blue Chateau Queens perform "The Scolding 2" and "The Scolding 3."[3]

1987: Sister store, "Soft Chateau," opens in spring. Run by Sei Byakuran.

1999: Advertises SM club "Slave Contract" in the July issue of S&M Sniper.

Main Mistresses

Aoi Densetsu 4 video

Mika Ishihara, Hitomi Tachikawa, Azusa Nakagawa, Sei Byakuran, Nessa, Kora Harukawa, Yuko Fujishiro, Nami Matsukawa, Linda Yume


Aoi Densetsu - Akasaka Blue Chateau (1-4). Directed by Mary Aoi

Akasaka Blue Chateau Empress: Mari Aoi's Diary - Noriko's Case


  1. According to Nao Nagasawa, the room in the photo is room 102 at Alpha In (per a conversation between Nagasawa and Ugo on June 2, 2021).
  2. Show parties were held from 17:00-21:00 every first and third Sunday, and every second and fourth Thursday.
  3. Appearances by Nessa, Sei Byakuran, and Kaori Harukawa.

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