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Matsui (松井) family name, Kenji (健二) first name, (1940s-2013)

Kenji Matsui tying for Sanwa Publishing May 30, 1999

Influential original amateur kinbakushi for many kinbaku rope bondage enthusiasts. Tied anonymously for many publications. Connected with Denki Akechi and Yoshikatsu Hayakawa.



Alternate Names

松井健二 (Japanese), Mr. MA


Born during the 1940s.

1990s: first named in bondage work for SM magazines and books.

2002: holds lectures at Black Heart.

2004: holds bondage seminar at Black Heart with Denki Akechi.

2013: dies from diabetes on Jun 8 2013.

Interesting points

Is reputed to have had an impact on the tying styles of both Denki Akechi, Yoshikatsu Hayakawa and others.

Jubei Kamui is greatly influenced by and directed by Kenji Matsui as adviser of Mumonbaku.

Remained anonymous while tying for SM magazines and books (for example, "Oarutsurinohon").

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