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Tani (谷) family name, Naomi (ナオミ) first name

Naomi Tani is a famous Pink Film actress who starred in many Nikkastsu Roman Porno films.

Naomi Tani


Model, Actress

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Naomi Tani. From SM King (Aug 1972)

1948: Tani was born in Hakata, Abamachi on October 20, 1948[※ 1]. Because of problems between her parents, Tani was moved around among her relatives' homes, and her mother died when she was two years old[※ 2].

1967: Makes her film debut in the movie Special.

1967: Apr. Appears nude for photos in "Humor Graph" magazine.[1]

1967: Starts working in pink shows at the Globe Theater in Ginza.

1968: Begins to appear in Yamabe Pro productions.

1968: Appears with a large number of other pink actors in Toei's "Picture of Tokugawa Women." Tani recalls that they were cast by "Mag Pro."

1968: Appears in Takashi Tsujimura's "Camera Hunt" in the May issue of Kitan Club.

1968: Tani relates the conditions on set at the filming of "Flower and Snake Continued: Red Torture" in Shimogamo, Izu. Shigeru Kayama participates. p188

1968: Nov. Performs in all three parts of "Blue Film Woman" at the Ginza and Shibuya Globe Theaters.[※ 3]

1968: Appears in the December issue of Playboy magazine.

1969: Appears in "Naomi Tani's Pink Performance Theater Report" in "Kitan Club Salon." ([[Kitan Club. Jan issue. p233)

1969: Feb. Opens "Naomi Tani Store 'Madrid'" in Shibuya.[※ 4]

1974: Stars in Nikkatsu's "Flower and Snake." Bondage by Hiroshi Urado.

1976: Tani is chosen to be December for the Nikkatsu Roman Porno Actress Calendar.

1976: Attends the 22nd Asian Film Festival in Korea with Yumi Takigawa and others.

1976: Performs in part 8 of "Spring Night Woman Picture Scroll" at the Nichigeki Music Hall.[2]

1976(c): Breaks up with Nobuo Yamabe.

1977: Marries singer Tetsuya Daido.[3]

1977: Sakae Nitta becomes manager of the Naomi Tani Theater Company.

1978: Performs in "Okaji Hizakura - Ache of Soft Skin" at the Kyohashi Academy Theater.

1978: Announces she will retire in 1 year.

1979: Releases music album titled "Modae no Heya."

2011: Guest appearance at "Japanese Roman Porno Night" at Festival Pais Cinema.

Selected Works

Rope Hell (1978)
  • Slave Widow (1967)
  • Flower and Snake (1974)
  • Wife to be Sacrificed (1974)
  • Cruelty: Black Rose Torture (1975)
  • Oryu's Passion: Bondage Skin (1975)
  • Wet Naomi (1976)
  • Rope Hell (1978)
  • Rope Cosmetology (1978)
  • Rope and Skin (1979)

  • Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films. (1998) Introduction by Naomi Tani.
  • Oniroku Dan Perverse Pleasures (1996)


Photo Collections
  • Beautiful Fairies (Million, 1978)
  • Farewell Naomi: Naomi Tani Commemoratice Retirement Photo Collection (Million, 1979) Bondage by Kaoru Roppongi.
  • Oniroku and Naomi's SM Photo Studio - Alluring Rope Flower (SM Club, May 1980). Special Issue.
  • Kinichi Tanaka SEX CINE-MATRIX (2007)


  1. Under the name Akemi Murayama (村山明美).
  2. There were a total of 15 parts. One section of part 8 titled "Yamatojiaika" was created by Oniroku Dan.
  3. They met at a club called "Soshu."

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