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SMキング (Japanese)

SM King. Aug 1972


SM King is a Showa era SM magazine published by Oniroku Dan.

Publication Dates


Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Taiyoh Tosho

Editor: Takahiro Yamanaka (1972 - Mar 1973)

Editor: Reiko Yamane (Mar 1973 - 1975)


Naomi Tani. SM King. August 1972 issue.

1972: First issue in August. Cover by Shiro Tatsumi.

1972: Ran Akiyoshi takes charge of the covers in August.

1973: August and September issues are banned.[※ 1]

1974: Kaname Ozuma takes charge of covers in June.

1974: On June 26th, Chimuo Nureki does a SM King photo shoot at Hyakkaen.

1975: Publication ceases.

Interesting points

SM King's first issue was published at the Oni Pro production house.

Oniroku Dan published the magazine from 1972 to 1974.

Selected Works

Kinbaku World (Oct 1972 special issue)

World Of Perversion - Takashi Tsujimura Kinbaku Special Collection (July 1973 special issue)

Kinbaku Hall (January 1973 Special Issue) Features Naomi Tani.

Kinbaku Banquet (April 1973 special issue)

Beautiful Woman Secret Bondage Collection (SM King/Elska, Sep 1976)




References (※)

  1. "Oniroku Discourse - Season of Autumn Winds" (November issue).

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