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Roppongi (六本木) family name, Kaoru (薫) first name

Strange Fruit photo book. Bondage by Kaoru Roppongi

Kaoru Roppongi was a kinbakushi who flourished in the 1970s and 1980s.



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1975: Begins doing kinbaku because of Kai-ichi Seda.[1]

1977(c): Serializes Camera Hunt in SM Select magazine.

1978: Publishes Shibari Scheme in the first issue of Specially S&M.

1980: Roppongi writes about how he became responsible for the bondage with Naomi Tani in issue 1 of THE HIGH SUN&MOON.

Interesting point(s)

Though close connections with Kai-ichi Seda, Roppongi's work appeared many times in Sun&Moon and Specially S&M, as well as SM magazines published by Sanwa and Million Shuppan.

Selected Works

From Halo magazine. Jan 1989
  • How-to-Tie Classroom (Sun&Moon, 1977). Special issue 1.
  • How-to-Tie Classroom - Kinbaku play from the Hands in Front Tie (Bessatsu SM Fan, Sep 1980)

  • Memoirs of a Nawashi (1986)

Photo Books
  • Takano Kawai. Farewell Naomi - Naomi Tani Commemorative Retirement Photo Book (Million Shuppan, 1979) Bondage: Kaoru Roppongi
  • Akira Ishigaki. Strange Fruit: Visions of Beautiful Kinbaku Girls Photo Book - Commemorative Photos From 25 Years of Doyo Manga magazine (Doyo Shuppan Shinsha, 1982)
  • Strange Fruit (1982) Photography Akira Ishigaki. Bondage: Kaoru Roppongi.[2]

  • Roppongi's Photo Memos (SM Magazine, Jan 1978)
  • Love Ropes (Bessatsu SM Fan, Dec 1983)
  • Obscene Affairs (Sadistic Report Vol.1, c.1990?)


  1. Roppongi, Kaoru. Rope Techniques and Bondage Art - Naomi Saraba - Enchanting Longing: A Memoir (THE HIGH SUN & MOON, 1980) #1 p148
  2. Named after the song "Strange Fruit." Intro to book discusses name.

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