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読切ロマンス (Japanese)

Yomikiri Romance. Special Bondage Edition.


Yomikiri Romance was one of the earliest SM magazines in Japan, transitioning from a Kasutori Magazine between 1951-1952. Even so, the magazine continued to publish a large percentage of vanilla erotic material.

Publishing Dates


Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Sunrise Shobo. (Dec 1949 - Apr 1951)

Publisher: Mutsumi[1] Shobo. (May 1951 - )

Publoisher: Mitsuo Kobayashi. (Jun 1953 - )

Editor: Seishiro Ueda

Editor: Yoshio Mizushima. (Jun 1953 - )


Ukiyo-e Album 3 - A Notebook of Captivating Monstruous Women (July 1951). This image recreates the torture scene from Sarayashiki.

1949: Yomikiri Romance is founded in partnership with Sunrise Shobo as a special edition of Ninjo Kodan.

1951: The editors embarked on a year long plan to add nude bondage photos to the magazine.[2]

1952: Despite pushback from readers, demand for the special bondage "Nude Customs Album" issue from distributors caused Yomikiri Romance to change the issue from a limited special edition to a full special edition.[2]

1953: Publishes "Seiu Ito's Nude Album - Pleasure and Pain Ecstasy Pictures" in January.

1953: Saburo Kasuga is Editor-in-Chief for the June issue.

1953: In the June issue, "Happy Youthful Pleasure" is published with bondage by Saburo Kasuga and photos by Miyoshi Ogawa[3]. Yomikiri Romance's special edition titled "Tokyo Life #2" is advertised. "Cherished Photos" is advertised.

1953: The June issue has no bondage related articles or photos.

1953: The August issue has little SM-flavored content.

1953: The September issue contains one bondage illustration and one bondage photo.

1953: The October issue resumes highlighting SM content.

1954: Jan. Yomikiri Romance begins selling "Special Punishment Photo Circular." 5 sheets for 250 yen.

1954: Feb. The cover for this issue is the same as the Nov. 1952 cover. (image: [1])

Interesting points

November 1952 issue.

While Yomikiri Romance featured bondage throughout its publication run, it also never stopped publishing significant amounts of regular romantic stories, photos and articles.

Yomikiri Romance published its special bondage issue the same month that the word "kinbaku" first appeared in Kitan Club magazine. This was also one month after Ko Minomura published the first Utsukushiki Imashime photo book.

Selected Works

Ukiyo-e Album #3 (Jul 1951)

Nude Customs Album Special Issue (Aug 1952)

Featured Illustrators




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