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カストリ雑誌 (Japanese)

Liberal Magazine. Nov 1949

Kasutori magazines are cheaply made Japanese periodicals. Post war adult mens kasutori magazines like Yomikiri Romance and Kitan Club introduced bondage content to their readers, sparking the first wave of SM magazines in the 1950s.

Origin of "Kasutori"

The term "Kasutori" comes from the dregs left over in the distillation of an illegal type of high proof shochu produced in the post-war period.[※ 1]

Notable Kasutori Magazines


  • Liberal
  • Style (『スタイル』)
  • Aka to Kuro
  • Curiosity Seeker (『猟奇』)
  • Beautiful Face (『美貌』)
  • Salon (『サロン』)
  • New World (『新世界』)
  • Cine Romance (『シネ・ロマンス』)






References (※)

  1. Akira Yamamoto. The Age of Katsuori Magazines. Tokyo Publishing Company. 1975.

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