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ショーアップ大宮 (Japanese)

Ad published in S&M Sniper. June 2004.


Show-Up Omiya is a strip club which has served as a venue for SM shows since 1970. Notable SM performers have included Eikichi Osada, Hiromi Saotome and many others. Hosted "The SM" series from 2003-2005, which then continues as the "DX Kabukicho SM Event."


1-105 Saitama Omiya Miyacho


1970: Opens as "Omiya Bijin-za" on May 1st.[※ 1]

1978: Joji Kawakami joins as director.[1]

1979: Owner announces "sex shows with audience participation."[※ 2]

1979: "Naomi Tani farewell performance" is held at Omiya DX Strip Club on November 21st.

1982: Club renamed Show-Up Omiya Strip Club on May 1st.[※ 3]

1984: Club director inaugurates komai dancer shows.[※ 4]

1993: Performances by Hiromi Saotome and Ai Morio.[※ 4]

1994: Performances by Hiromi Saotome.[※ 4]

Interesting Points

Show-Up Omiya Started as a tiny strip club with seating for 70 guests.

Changed its name from "Omiya Bijin-za" to "Omiya DX Strip Club" and "Show-Up Omiya."

The club became popular after Joji Kawakami became director and launched new projects.


  1. When police raids occur, strip club directors are investigated as the people in charge, since their role is to serve as a breakwater to protect the club owners.

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