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大洋図書 (Japanese)

Taiyoh Tosho is a publication agency somewhere between a publication house and book store. Founded in the post-war period as a distributor of remaindered books, it established subsidiary companies like Million Publishing and Wailea Publishing that held key positions in SM history. A member of Taiyoh Group.



Taiyoh Tosho when located at Taito-ku Ueno 5-Chome.[※ 1]

1952: Hideo Koike Founds Kode Shobo[1] as a wholesaler at Taito-ku Ueno 6-Chome 10-22, Tokyo.

1965: Company name changes to Taiyoh Tosho Corporation.

1972: Publishes SM King.

Interesting points


Cinemawide. Dec 1977
  • Love Hunter (c1963)
  • SM King (1972)
  • Big Fan (1973)
  • Pink Pink (c1975)
  • Cinetopia (1976?)
  • Cinemawide (c1977)

AV Videos
  • Bondage Fantasy Series

Photo Collections
  • Kinbaku Sniper (2014)

Taiyoh Group Companies

Million Publishing

Wailea Publishing

Taiyoh Shoboh



  1. Spelled 小出書房. Pronunciation not confirmed.

References (※)

  1. Toshio Yagi. 30 Years of AJPEA Association. AJPEA Association. 1981.

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