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Otonawa (音縄) nick name Otonawa is a kinbakushi, comedy actor and professional wrestler. Runs Titty Twister.




Alternate Names



1996: Forms the comedy duo “Gansu”.[1]

2005: "Gansu" breaks up. Reforms as "Great Otowaya."

2009: Makes his professional debut as a kinbakushi.

2013: Jun. Hosts the "OtoTsuba Salon" with his partner Tsubasa at "Oiran Sakedokoro D" SM bar in Roppongi.

2013: Holds a kinbaku class at Peer Rope Copenhagen.[2]

2014: Tours Australia and Canada.

2014: Holds a workshop at Bordello of Decadence in Los Angeles in October.[3]

2016: Runs SM and Fetish bar Titty Twister.

Performances and Events

2009: Performs at the Autumn DX Kabukicho SM Event.

2014: Apr. Performs in "Mask" at WakuWaku Bar 9159.[4]

2014: Oz KinKifestival and Hell Fire in Melbourne. Appears at Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza (MBE) in Toronto.

Selected Works

TV drama
  • Viva! Yamada Barbara (BS Asahi)

  • The eating Shin Bow! (2007)
  • Red Bowl (2008)

  • You Can Do It Now! How to Tie Manual and DVD (いますぐデキる! 縛り方マニュアルDVD) (Sanwa Publishing, 2018)
  • You Can Do It Now! How to Tie Manual and DVD - Practice Edition (いますぐデキる! 縛り方マニュアルDVD〈応用編〉) (Sanwa Publishing, 2019)

  • Hiromi Saotome. Abnormal Expressionists #4 - Otonawa (Mania Club, Jul 2011)


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