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Arisue (有末) family name, Go (剛) first name

Go Arisue

Go Arisue is well known for his bondage in the 2000s remakes of the Flower and Snake movie series. He is also one of the earliest Japanese kinbakushi to travel around the world giving workshops and reaching out to the global rope scene.



Alternate Names



1954: Born in Japan.

1970s: Started career as Kinbakushi.

1970s-80s: Works as a Kinbakushi for various SM magazines, such as SM Fan, SM Select etc.

1979(c): Begins "Go Arisue's Camera Hunt" at a SM club.

1984: Begins "Go Arosue's Kinbaku Life" in April.

2010: Europe tour

Interesting points

Arisue made his debut at and SM club while still a university student.

Arisue sells rope, books and videos on his Jugoya website.

Selected Works

  • Bakushi (2008)
  • Flower and Snake 1 (2004)
  • Flower and Snake 2 (2005)
  • Rope and Skin

  • Kinbakushi A's Ecstasy And Gloom (Ohta Publishing, 2008)

Photo Collections
  • Ambient M
  • Muhan: The Violence of the Daydream (Japan Mix, 1996)
  • Kankin: In Durance Vile

  • Kinky CD-ROM: Kinbaku Introduction How-to-Tie Classroom (『アブないCD-ROM緊縛入門縛り方教室』) (INRWEMAG, 1997)
  • Arisue Go's Kinbaku Mind and Techniques 2 (Jugoya, 2009)
  • Arisue Go's Lessons for love bondage (Maxam, 2011)

  • The Book Of Five Rings For Rope Arts Vol.1 (Sanwa Publishing, 2005)
  • The Book Of Five Rings For Rope Arts Vol.2 (Sanwa Publishing, 2005)
  • Arisue's Kinbaku Theory And Practices (Sanwa Publishing, 2007)
  • Arisue Go's Kinbaku Mind and Techniques 1 (Jugoya, 2009)
  • Arisue Go's Kinbaku Mind and Techniques 2 (Floor Works 1) (Jugoya, 2009)


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