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‘’Kiko Rope’’ is one of the rare individuals who not only actively works in both the Japanese and North American SM scenes, but acts as an intermediary between the two.


Mistress, Kinbakushi

Alternate Name(s)

キコ (Japanese), Mistress Kiko, Mistress You


1994: Starts SM professionally.

1994: Models for S&M Sniper magazine. Bondage: Denki Akechi

1996 Works at Bizarre Lounge BAR-BARA in Kyoto and does performances there.

2013: Interviewed on Graydancer’s Ropecast. With Demonsix.

2013-2014: Acts as interpreter for Kinoko Hajime, Kasumi Hourai, and Ranki Kazami on Graydancer’s Ropecast

2014: Appeared on Graydancer's Ropecast with Saki Kamijoo and Aya Yuuki.

2014: Acts as interpreter for Akira Naka for his workshop and interviews in Los Angeles. Model: Iroha Shizuki.

2015: Coordinated and assisted Ranki Kazami at Bondage Expo Dallas.

2015: Coordinated and assisted Akira Naka's workshop in Baltimore.

2015: Coordinated and assisted Nawashi Kanna's North American visit.

2016: Coordinated, assisted and interpreted for Kinoko Hajime's workshop and performance in Los Angeles.

Interesting point(s)

First entered the SM scene through an interest in corsets.

Studies kinbaku with Ranki Kazami and Akira Naka.

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