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Naka (奈加) family name, Akira (あきら) first name

Akira Naka



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1985: Enters the adult film industry.

2005: Hospitalized due to a heart attack[1]

2006: Co-founded the AV CORE label with TOHJIRO of DOGMA.

2008: Founded Muruso Club, Circle of Akira Naka Kinbaku.

2009: Started Studio Amadas with Mr. M. in Tokyo.

2010: Bound Kyoko Aizome in her retirement film Dorei-sen.

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Selected Works

  • I am an S&M Writer (2000) Bondage: Akira Naka. Based on story by Oniroku Dan.
  • Dorei-sen (Shin-Toho, 2010) Bondage: Akira Naka. Directed by Kei Kaneda. Based on a Oniroku Dan story.

  • Semenawa Kinbaku Arts - Introductory Edition -『責め縄緊縛術-入門編-』(2011)[3]


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  2. "Akira Naka became aware of the world of Japanese bondage at the age of 30, when he discovered a study class (commonly known as ‘Kinbiken’) of top master Chimuo Nureki. From the very first moment of watching the bondage master at work, he found himself drawn in deeper and deeper by the fascinating sensuality until he had an epiphany – ‘This is what I want to dedicate my life to.’" (Quoted from Akira Naka's Official Site)
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