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Kamui (神威) family name, Jubei (十兵衛) first name

Jubei Kamui

Kamui's Kinbaku is characterized by use of pulleys. Runs Mumonbaku bar studio in Yokohama and teaches kinbaku.



Alternate Name(s)

神威十兵衛 (Japanese)


1959: Born on September 13, 1959.

2000(c): Takes over as master of the Mumonbaku Odyssey from Hapuba.

2006: Kamui is admitted to Bakutomo-kai group.

2008: Becomes assistant instructor at Bakutomo-kai.

2008: Holds regular beginner bondage lessons at Mumonbaku, Yokohama.

2012: becomes independent kinbakushi at Bakutomo-kai in March.

2013: On July 15th, holds memorial for Kenji Matsui at Mumonbaku.

2013: specializes "Kamui Planning" (bondage, exposure, masochism and shame) at Mumonbaku.

2013: On August 25th, ties for Touhami Ennadre photoshoot.

2014: Ties for Touhami Ennadre photoshoot on July 18-20th and August 25-27th.

2014: From Oct 15 2014 - Jan 25 2015, the INSTITUT DU MONDE ARABE, Paris, holds the "Morocco Contemporary Art Exhibition," exhibiting the works of Jubei Kamui kinbaku in Touhami Ennadre's photography.

2014: From Oct 29 - Nov 3, Sugamo Station studio photo exhibition of "Restraint" Jubei Kamui kinbaku in Touhami Ennadre's photography.

2016: Commemorates "Fujiyama Base" birthday, Gotemba on May 21-22nd.

Interesting point(s)

Performances and Events

2013: Performs at 3 Shop, Akihabara on December 28th.

2014: Performs at 3 Shop, Akihabara one July 16th.

Selected Works

  • Kamui Jubei's YouTube instructional series (2019 - present)


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