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Seki (関) family name, Kazuko (和子) first name

Kazuko Seki was a mistress and the proprietor of SM club Nakano Queen. In the 1990s she serialized kinbaku lessons in SM Spirits magazine. She was a member of "Nakamura."

From SM Classroom Shibari Edition (1982)


Mistress, Kinbakushi

Alternate Names



Kazuko Seki. S&M Sniper May 1985.

1975(c): Proprietor of SM club "Nakano Queen."

1980s: Starts "Japanese Fuzoku Research Group."[1]

1980s: Opens "Roomu" (Roo夢).[1]

1981: Becomes First Proprietor of Nakano Queen.[※ 1]

1982: Films SM Classroom Shibari Edition at Nakano Queen. Sold on ARROW label.

1982: Appears in an article in Shin Kitan magazine titled "Mama Kazuko - Nakano Queen."

1988: Films a video collaboration with Mary Aoi at Nakano Queen. 18 Year old maiko Momochiyo's First SM Experience.

1990s: Writes a series of articles on kinbaku techniques in SM Spirits magazine.

Selected Works

  • SM and Me. (Slave News #5, 1987)
  • Cage For Those Who Don't Learn Their Lesson. Serialized from around 1988 in S&M Sniper.

Interesting points

Seki was a member of "Nakamura."


References (※)

  1. S&M Sniper. March 1990 issue.


Mary Aoi

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