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千一夜 (Japanese)

Cover. Dec 1950.


1001 Nights is a Kasutori magazines started in 1948. It changed its name to "Rakuen" in 1954.

Publication Dates


Publishers and Editors

Publisher: Tokyo Publishing Company (May 1948)

Publisher: Myojosha (May 1949)

Publisher: 1001 Nights Publishing Corporation (Dec 1950)

Publisher: Togensha (c1953)

Editor: Genzo Ariyoshi (May 1949)


“Strange Tales of Punishment.” Illustrator: Kichizo Tateno[1]. Dec 1953 issue.

1948: Founded.

1951: Launches "1001 Nights Illustrated Special."

1954: Changes name to "Rakuen."

Interesting points

Started out in Osaka.

It is rumored that Shoji Oki illustrated a cover.


  1. 館野癸己夫

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