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Seda (世田) family name, Kai-ichi (介一) first name

Kai-ichi Seda began his career as an enthusiast during the latter half of the 1960s, contributing to Kitan Club magazine under the name Sakae Nakamiya. After Kitan Club ceased publication, he began his own limited-circulation magazine, Sun&Moon, in 1977 while still working as a contributor to other S&M magazines. Afterward, though he still worked publishing articles in a large number of magazines, his work was concentrated in fanzines directed towards a core audience of enthusiasts, making him known as the bridge between Kitan Club and the later scene. His artistic works are published under the name Yasushi Arakawa.


Editor, Artist, Writer, and Kinbakushi.

Alternate Name(s)

世田介一 (Japanese), Yasushi Arakawa (荒川也寸志), Sakae Nakamiya (中宮栄)


1967: Begins publishing in Kitan Club under the name Sakae Nakamiya.

1977: Begins publishing under the name Kai-ichi Seda.

1977: Mar. Launches Sun&Moon.

1983: Feb. Sun&Moon begins publishing under a katakana title (サンアンドムーン) by Geneisha with Hiroshi Urado as editor. Seda soon leaves due to creative differences.

1978: Seda launches Specially S&M. Leaves after the seventh issue due to creative differences.

1979: Sep. Publishes work under the name Yasushi Arakawa in the premiere issue of S&M Sniper.

1980: Launches Tomoe Egara (Edo Products).

1980: Launches Ikiiki (Nichigetsusha).

1980: Launches Nichigetsu Club (Edo Products).

1982: Launches Sprout (Kindai Shobou).

1983: Feb. Launches SM Mirage (Gunyu Shinsha).

1985: Nov. Launches New Sun & Moon as a supplemental section in P-Junk magazine.

1988: Jul. Launches Ikiiki Animato (Sakurusha).

1989: Jan. Ikiiki Special Edition: Halo (Nichigetsu Shinsha).

1995: Nov. Contributes to the launch issue of Rond・Point (Kasakura Publications).

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