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Gorgone is a French kinbaku model and kinbakushi. Founder of Shibari Study.



Model, Kinbakushi

Alternate Names

Gorgone, Marika Leïla Roux


2011(c): Discovers rope during a photoshoot and immediately dives into the world of Kinbaku.

2012: Feb. 18. Meets Riccardo Sergnese at a private kinbaku event in Hyeres, France and begins working on the "Kinbaku LuXuria project".

2012: Nov. Ends working on the "Kinbaku LuXuria project".

2012: Dec. 13. Begins co-organizing "Bound" with Esinem.

2013: Oct. Meets Akira Naka at the "London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage".

2014: May 11. Models for Akira Naka's 15th "Nawana Kakai" with special guest Kanna and Kagura.

2014: May 15. Becomes first foreign French model to work with photographer Norio Sugiura. Tied by Akira Naka.

2014: Oct. 16. Models for Akira Naka's 10th "Nawana Kakai Bondage Photo Session".

2014(c): Ends co-organizing "Bound".

2015(c): Becomes aware of Ren Yagami and begins to collaborate on an international tour.

2015: Mar. 1. Models for Akira Naka's 18th "Nawana Kakai".

2015: Mar. 26-29. Workshop with Ren Yagami at "Place des Cordes" in Paris.

2015: Mar. 30-Apr. 1. Intensive with Ren Yagami in Berlin

2015: Apr. 3-6. Workshop with Ren Yagami at "Scuola di Bondage 'Itoh Seiyu'" in Italy.

2015: Apr. 16-19. Workshop with Ren Yagami at "Bellingham Sex Positive Center" in America.

2017: Apr. 15. Releases the beta version of Shibari Study

2020: Jan. 17. Releases Shibari Study

Interesting points

Founder of Shibari Study

Studied with Akira Naka.

Gorgone's bondage is influenced by everyone she's had the chance to meet and learn from. She does not identify with any specific style.

Performances and Events

2012: Aug. 3. Performs with Riccardo Sergnese at "Bound".

2013: Oct. Performs at the "London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage" with Andrea Ropes and Miumi-U.

2014: Nov. 2 Performs at "Jyohya Club's 5th anniversary event Kinbaku Live!" with Akira Naka.

2014: Nov. Performs in Madrid Spain with Akira Naka.

2016: Feb. 13. Ties Iroha Shizuki at "Maniac Festival" in Japan.

2017: Mar. 17. Performs "Study On Falling" at the Opera Palais Garnier in France

Selected Works

  • Nawa Etsu Vol.2 ( Van Associates, 2015) Bondage: Akira Naka.

Photo Books
  • Norio Sugiura Kinbaku Sajiki (2014) 2 parts.
  • Rope Artworks by Naka Akira (Taiyoh Tosho, 2014) Bondage: Akira Naka.


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