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Sakurada (桜田) family name, Denjiro (伝次郎) first name

Denjiro Sakurada


Kinbakushi, actor, AV director

Alternate Name(s)

桜田伝次郎(Japanese), Kunihiko Kojima (小島邦彦)


1960s: Claimed a "life-changing experience" after watching a play by Juro Kara titled Kyuketsu-hime (Vampire Lady) when he was in high-school[1].

1970s: Graduates from the School of Japanese Literature, Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences. Appeared on stage with the theater company Tsunbo-Sajiki headed by Tetsu Yamazaki when he was at Nihon University[1].

1970s: Went independent from Tsunbo-Sajiki and started his own company, Kagetsu-za. His first work was Kiwametsuki Kunisada Chuji[1].

1974: Founds Gekidan Sekai Gekijo (GSG) with Mayumi Kurokawa.

1970s: Forms relationships with Shigeru KayamaEikichi OsadaDenki Akechi and Keiyu Tamai.

1979: Performs Gekidan Sekai Gekijo all over Japan[2].

1983: Opens a small hall called Theater Poo in Shinjuku.

1985: Retires from SM shows.

1980s: Directs several SM videos.

2003: Awarded Distinguished Stage Director in a Toga director contest for his Shiawasena Hibi (original work of Samuel Beckett).

Performances and Events

1974: Performed at Theater Green in Ikebukuro, Mokubaza in Asakusa, Asbestos Hall in Meguro, Seibu Kodo at Kyoto Uniersity, Rinsen-ji in Myogadani and others.

1970s: Performed GSG Planning SM show at Nishi-Ogikubo, SM Bomber at Otsuka, Tokyo SM Club at Nakano[3].

2009: Restarts his SM show at Theater Poo for the first time in 25 years[4].

2010: Performed Showa style shows actively at Theater Poo and DX Kabukicho.

Selected Works


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  2. Performed in canvas. Not SM show but vanilla play. Gekidan Sekai Gekijo was famous for its purple canvas
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