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Clover is a model and photographer, born and raised in Ireland and currently resides in England.



Photographer, Model.

Alternate Names

Clover Clover Brook


1986: Born.

2010: Begins to give public performances.

2010: Begins producing a series of kinbaku photo shoots in collaboration with WykD Dave.

2011: Publishes the first version of The Rope Bottom Guide.

2012: Begins performing and teaching more extensively overseas and begins producing kink content for commercial publications.

2015: Leading organiser of the LFRA (London Festival or Rope Art).

2016: Travels to Tokyo to learn from Haruki Yukimura.

2016: Begins studying with Akira Naka in Tokyo.

2019: Opens Studio Kokoro in Mansfield England UK.

2020: Publishes TEN, the anthology of ten years of shooting with WykD Dave.

2020: Due to the COVID crisis, Clover Begins organising a series of online education classes under the Studio Kokoro banner.

2021: Studio Kokoro closes.

Interesting points

Clover was involved in private SM activities for a few years before appearing on the public scene in 2010.

Clover manages websites dedicated to rope bondage.

Clover's partner is WykD Dave.

Performances and Events

2011: Teaches and performs at Shibaricon in Chicago, USA.

2011: Performs at Twisted Leprechaun, Ireland's inaugural kink convention.

2011: Performs at the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage.

2011: Teaches and performs at LegArti, Italy's first international rope event.

2013: Performs and Teaches at Bondage Expo Dallas from 2013-2019.

2019: Performs at "You are the Legend," the last bondage night at DX in Tokyo at the invitation of Akira Naka.

Selected Works

  • The Rope Bottom Guide (2011)[1]
  • TEN (2020)


  1. It is available for free on The Rope Bottom Guide. The guide has now been translated into 14 languages.

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