Yuu Kawakami

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Kawakami (川上) family name, Yuu (ゆう) first name

Yuu Kawakami is a SM model noted for her extreme expressiveness. Associated with Y's Promotion.

Yuu Kawakami


Model, AV actress

Alternate Names

川上ゆう (Japanese), Shizuku Morino


1982: Born in Tokyo on March 3rd.

2000: Enters junior college as an art major.

2004: Debuts in "Close Relative White Paper Unfit Mother" under the name Shizuku Morino.

2007: Steps away from her career for a short time. Resumes her career under the name Yuu Kawakami.

Interesting points

Appears in an instructional DVD by Akira Naka where she acts out comedic scenarios in the role of girlfriend being introduced to kinbaku.

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