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Sunohara (春原) family name, Yuri (悠理) first name

Yuri Sunohara is a SM model and co-founder of Kinbiken. She also served as one of its central staff.

Yuri Sunohara



Alternate Names

春原悠理 (Japanese), Youri Sunohara


Born in Yokohama.[1]

1985(c): Started modeling.[2]

1987(c): Attended Kinbiken's 18th meeting at the Sesshukaku ryokan in Itsukaichi, where she was invited to model for the first time there by Naomi Sugishita. [3]

1988: Sunohara was referred to as a mistress in a "Cordon Blue" ad for Discipline School in the August Special issue of SM Select magazine.

Interesting points

The first time Sunohara worked as a magazine model, she worked with Chimuo Nureki and Kei Hasegawa. The second time she worked with Go Arisue and Norio Sugiura, which was for SM Club magazine.[3]

Selected Works


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