Takashige Morishita

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Morishita (森下) family name, Takashige (高茂) first name

Takashige Morishita is a writer and customs history researcher who headed the SM circle "Akebono no Kai."


Customs history researcher. Writer

Alternate Names

森下高茂(Japanese), T.C. Moriscita, Kanta Tani[1], Aizo Morimoto, Kotaro Morishita (real name)


1927: Born.[※ 1]

1953: Publishes "Riding Boots, Boots and Whips" in the April issue of Kitan Club under the name Aizo Morimoto,

1953(c): Publishes in Kitan Club and other magazines under the name Aizo Morimoto.

Selected Works


  1. Spelled "谷貫太." Pronunciation needs confirmation.

References (※)

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