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Roman (ロマン), Hasei (派生)

Bondage by Hasei. From Sun and Moon. June 1978.


Kinbakushi, Writer.

Alternate Names

ロマン派生 (Japanese)


Interesting points

Hasei was a medical professional[1] in Tokyo.[2]

Selected Works

  • Confession - My Vision of Play (Kitan Club, Dec 1970)
  • Michiyo Ishihara's Four Movements (Kitan Club, Feb 1972)
  • Tormenting Misako Sano - Piccolo Rhapsody (Kitan Club, Apr 1972)
  • My SM Play Photo Arts (Kitan Club, May 1973)
  • Gravure photos (Sun&Moon, Jun 1978)
  • The Youthful Wanderings of Kazue Sawada (Kitan Club Reissue, Apr 1982) p104


  1. From Hiroshi Urado in a message with A.
  2. A reader contribution in Oct 1974 issue of Kitan Club refers to him as "Roman Hasei from Nagoya."
  3. 『奇クサロン:我が主観 縛りの美学(1)』

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