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Yamabe (山邊) family name, Nobuo (信夫) first name

Former husband[1] of Naomi Tani.


Director, businessman

Alternate Name(s)



1933: Born in Asakusa, Tokyo.

1963(c): Joins TV Hoso, a post-recording company for TV programs.

1965: Oniroku Dan joins TV Hoso as a translation staff of Nobuo Yamabe's group.

1965: Starts Yamabe Production and created the first Flower and Snake film with Oniroku Dan, Hachiro Tako etc.

1965: Meets Sojiro Motoki.

1968(c): Meets Naomi Tani and invites her into Yamabe Production.

1976: Divorces from Naomi Tani.

1985: Marries Terumi Azuma.

Selected Works


  1. A common-law husband.

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