Misaki Haruka

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Haruka (遥) family name, Misaki (美沙樹) first name

Misaki Haruka


Kinbakushi, Mistress

Alternate Names



1999: Enters the SM world by working at Club Dull in Osaka.

2000: Writes "Bottom Club" articles for Sanwa Publishing until 2003.

2001: Writes a column in SM Skipper.[※ 1]

2003: Starts a kinbaku school and her work as a kinbakushi increases during this time.[※ 2]

2004: Starts working at Mejiro "Blue Moon."

2004: Writes a column in SM Skipper.[※ 3]

2004: Starts to work at a place that specializes in medical play.[※ 3]

2006: Takes a break from activities in order to get married. Returns as a kinbaku lecturer.[※ 3]

2008: Releases works through Sanwa Publishing, etc.

2008: returns fully to SM activities. Heads the "Rope and Anal Classroom."[※ 3]

2008: Opens "Acid," a place which specializes in mistresses."

2009: Hosts the pro training program "Misaki Haruki's Classroom."

2009: Holds a short course on mistresses at Roppongi Mode et Baroque."

2009: Manages the kinbaku for Norio Sugiura's "Kinbaku Sajiki."

Interesting points

Haruka studies Hojojutsu.

Selected Works


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