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Master "K" is a California-based writer and kinbakushi. He has published two books, Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage and The Beauty of Kinbaku.


Kinbakushi, Writer.

Alternate Names

Master "K"(Japanese)


1970(c): Discovers a Japanese bondage photo book and some of John Willie's graphic novels at a bookstore in San Fransisco and becomes interested in the world of bondage.

1972(c): Becomes fascinated by the art and culture of Japan and minor's in Asian Studies at University.

1973(c): Takes first trip to Tokyo, Japan as a student and has first in-person exposure to Kinbaku.

1975(c): Returns to Japan and receives lessons from a young Kinbakushi.

1995(c): Forms his own Kinbiken style study group and began teaching.

1999(c): Becomes friends with Osada Steve via email and learns more about the Japanese shibari scene.

2000(c): Photos featured on Osada steve's first website Fetish Japan.

2002(c): Photos and an article on Itoh Seiyu are fetured on Osada steve's website

2002: Apr. Publishes an Article, "A Brief History of Shibari" in Secret Magazine.

2003(c): Publishes multiple articles on Immortal Shibari.

2003(c): Accepts Mark Yu as a student.

2004(c): Publishes first book Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage.

2004(c): Accepts Faviola Llervu as assistant and later as a student.

2005(c): Accepts DemonSix as a student.

2008(c): Publishes second book, the first edition of "The Beauty of Kinbaku" and creates the website

2008(c): Accepts Zetsu as a student.

2009(c): Interviewed By SM Detective

2010(c): Takes third trip to Japan and visits Chimuo Nureki, Go Arisue, Haruki Yukimura and Hiroshi Urado.

2011(c): Accepts Miss ZElement as assistant and later as a student

2012: Dec. Host Yukimura Haruki in Los Angeles and earns a "Instructor First Class" certificate from him.

2013(c): Shibari work featured in Hustler's Taboo Magazine.

2013(c): Founds LA Rope Dojo with Zetsu.

2013: Oct. 23 - Nov. 3. Takes fourth trip to Japan. Ropework was exhibited at “Kinbaku: Form and Emotion” in Tokyo. Given the name "Harutora" by Haruki Yukimura.

2013(c): Publishes first Japanese edition of "The Beauty of Kinbaku".

2013(c): Nov. Founds Spring Tiger Ryu with Miss ZElement.

2014: Jun. 13-15. Host Akira Naka's first visit to the United States at the LA Rope Dojo.

2014: Nov. Rope work appears the The Bulls music video "Come Undone".

2014: Dec. 14. Publishes second english edition of "The Beauty of Kinbaku".

2015: May. Shibari work appears in the May edition of GQ Italy magazine.

2017: Feb. 14. Interviewed by Vice Magazine

Interesting points

He currently has in his archives complete and near-complete runs of Kitan Club magazine, Uramado magazine, and numerous other periodicals. He also has in his collection works from Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi and Seiu Ito.

Selected Works

  • Shibari: The Art of Japanese Bondage (Secret Publications, 2004)
  • The Beauty of Kinbaku (King Cat Ink, 2008)


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