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Hana (花) family name, Mai (真衣) first name

Mai Hana

Mai Hana made her debut as Eikichi Osada's partner at SAMM in 1980. She started a self-bondage show at SAMM, and with her trademark tattoos and having appeared in a great number of Shintoho and Nikkatsu movies and videos, she established her reputation as a charismatic mistress.



Alternate Name(s)

花真衣 (Japanese)


Secret magazine. May 1987.

1977: Moves to the Kansai region. Becomes hostess at Mikado restaurant theater.

1980(c): Makes her debut as a mistress at Nakano Queen.

Performances and Events

1980: Appears as Eikichi Osada's show parter at Shigeru Kayama's SM salon SAMM.[1]

Interesting point(s)

Selected Works


  1. Private conversation with Ugo. Feb 7, 2012

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