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Tanaka (田中) family name, Kinichi (欣一]) first name

Kinichi Tanaka is a photographer for SM magazines and was involved in erotic films during the Pink Film era.

Kinichi Tanaka



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From Kinbaku Travelogue (1995)

1947: Born in Saitama prefecture.

1968: Graduates from Department of Photographic Art, School of Art, Nippon University.

1969: Hired as a commissioned photographer for Toei.[1] Directs promotional photos for "Playgirl" and "Judo Ichokusen," among others.

1970: Becomes a still photographer for Pink Films.[2]

1970: In autumn, Tanaka does photo coverage for Tokyosanseisha's "Pinky." Also covers director Akitaka Kimata's "Under Innvestigation".[3]

1971: Founds photographic office and took still photos of pink films.

1971: Photographs for SM Fan.

1987: Main photographer of S&M Sniper.

1997: Founds Tanaka Kinichi Photograph Office.

2002: Distributes SM kinbaku photos on the "Sadistic Monkey" website.

2010: Opens "Kin's Bar" at Kannon Studio. Hiromi Saotome and Shikou Shima participate in first show.

2010: Vanilla Gallery holds the "Kinichi Tanaka X Kiyoaki Kanai #2 'Joint Exhibition'" from Sep 20th to Oct 2nd.

2014: Conducts his kinbaku photo club until around this year.

Interesting Point(s)


Was in charge of bondage for many Pink Films.

Used the name Baron Skunk in "Uniform Collection."

Used the name John Manichiro in S&M Sniper's "World's Fair Hall of Cruelty."

Selected Works

  • Fury of the Queen Bee of Flowers (1975)
  • Naomi Tani Shibaru! (1977)

Photo Collections
  • DOMINA - Hitomi Kodo Photo Collection (Tairiku Shobo, 1992)
  • Ukiyo Soushi Kate Asabuki Kinbaku Photo Collection (Hokuo Shobo, 1995). Bondage by Denki Akechi.
  • Kinbaku Travelogue - Kinichi Tanaka Photo Collection (Hokuo Shobo, 1997)
  • SEX CINE-MATRIX: the earliest works of Kin-ichi Tanaka~the "Pink" era (Wailea Publishing, 2007)


  1. At the time, the "Toei Production Department" and "Toei Televison Production" were parts of Toei Photo Department. Toei Production Department was involved in "Key Hunter," "Playgirl" and "Judo Ichokusen." Toei Television Production produced crime dramas.
  2. Since the assistant director wasn't trained in still photography, Tanaka negotiated to take photos in his own way. He came to take pictures for posters and theater prints free of charge. Afterward, toward the middle of the 1980s, he had helped directors for nearly 800 Pink Films.
  3. Made by Production Taka. Stars Rumi Tama.

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