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Ibarako (荊子) nickname




Alternate Names

荊子(Japanese), Harumayu[1]


Ibarako. 2002 P.T.B

Born in Tokyo.[2]

1998c: Holds sporadic events at a bar in Negishi.[3]

1999c: In carge of kinbaku and performance of package/VTR at CineMagic.

2000: First article, "Women Packed Party - Meeting Woman Bondage Artist Ibarako," is published in the June issue of S&M Sniper.

2000: Debuts as Eizo Chiba's apprentice. Apprentices for four years.

2000: Stars in her first video, "Ibarako".[4]

2000: After a few years studying under Eizo Chiba, Ibarako gets permission to study under Haruki Yukimura. She helps out as director and assistant director for videos.

2001: Serves as bondage consultant for "Sadness of a Barber Shop Owner". Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki.

2006: Performs and acts as kinbaku consultant for V Cinema's "Survive" (Fullmedia - Biotide). Directed by Bon Ando.

2007: In charge of bondage for Yudai Yamaguchi's "Ten Nights of Dreams (Tenth Night)." (Nikkatsu)

2011: Starts up the woman oriented adult label JUICY DINER with Bon Ando and Aya Fuji.

2016: Becomes the 14th instructor for Yukimura Style Rope Play.

Interesting points

Studied under Eizo Chiba and Haruki Yukimura

Performances and Events

2000: July 10. "Kinbaku Rope Beauty World" at LOFT/PLUS ONE.[※ 1][※ 2]

2000: July 19. Live show at MISTRESS.

2004: Showup Omiya's "The SM Final".

2012: Dec 24. "SM Fan Thanksgiving Second Curtain" at Theater POO.

2017: Sep 17. Holds "Yukimura Style Rope Play - Exchanging Feelings with Rope" at DX Kabukicho SM Event.

2017: Sep 21- Oct 1. "Love & Rope - Exchanging Feelings with Rope" at Paper Pool in Tokyo. Model: Kanon Sugawara.

Selected Works

  • A Master Course on Tying Right Away Starting Tonight (Kenntnis, 2017)

  • Ibarako's Specimen Room (Sniper EVE, 2004)
  • My View of Kinbaku (Sniper EVE, 2010)

  • Kinbaku Methods and Techniques to Guide a Woman to Masochistic Climax (Sanwa Publishing, 2014)
  • SM Manual For Starting From Scratch - Bondage Method for Giving Female Orgasm (Sanwa Publishing, 2018)
  • Yukimura Style Bondage Course - 7 Kinbaku SM Erotic Methods to Please a Woman (Sanwa Publishing, 2020). Includes DVD


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References (※)

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