History of Tokugawa Female Punishment

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‘’’徳川女刑罰史’’’ (Japanese)



History of Tokugawa Female Punishment (1968) is a mini-anthology of three sensationalized accounts of torture in Japanese history.

"A fiery autumn epic that not only provides an intense thrill in the popular “sexual love genre,” but wants to raise modern awareness of the various phases of the unimaginably severe punishments of the Tokugawa period, the moaning and resistance under them, the joys and sorrows of those long gone men and women, and the state of these 'punishments.'"[※ 1]

Alternate Names

Shogun's Joy of Torture, The Joy of Torture


Director: Teruo Ishii

Bondage: Takashi Tsujimura

Interesting point(s)


The kinbakushi Takashi Tsujimura was hired to design the bondage for the movie. Tsujimura wrote articles about his experience in Kitan Club.

The third story features the torture of Dutch women.


References (※)

  1. Tying the Stars of "History of Tokugawa Female Punishment" (Kitan Club, Nov 1968) by Takashi Tsujimura

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