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Belgian kinbakushi. Co-owner of Shibari Lounge in Antwerp.



Alternate Names


2006 - 2009: Organizes monthly peer rope meetings under the name RopeZensations.

2009: Participates in Belgian film ‘SM Rechter’ (S&M Judge).

2016: Ties for music video "Heartbreaker" by Bacon Fat

2016: Performs live at launch of Band of Brothers album, Hasselt.

2016: Opens Shibari Lounge in Antwerp.

Interesting points

Works together with partner Shibarista Jess.

Inspired by Japanese videos and SM magazines since the 1980’s.

Developed a unique freestyle Shibari closest described as Semenawa.

Performances and Events

2008: Support act at alternative music festival BIM-Fest, Antwerp.

2009: Performed at the 1st London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage.

2009: Hosts two-day workshop with Go Arisue in Brussels.

2010: Performs at Premiere of SM Rechter, Kinepolis Movie Theatre, Antwerp.

2010: First ever bondage workshop in Delhi, India.

2010: Performs at Fetish Ball, Athens.

2010: Performs at 2nd London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage.

2017: Collaborates with VJ Nanon Malika for performances of DJ Charlotte De Wit.

2018: Performs at “Eat, Sleep, Draw, Repeat” 24-hour art marathon of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.

2019: Hosts Yoi Yoshida workshops and stage performance.

2019: Performs at Onawa Asobi 2019 with Akane.

2020: Hosts Onawa Asobi Europe.[※ 1]

Selected Works



References (※)

  1. Cast includes: Yoi Yoshida, Bingo Shigonawa, BeShibari, Sin.

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