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Sakurai (櫻井), Yuki (ゆき)

Tokyo-based e-book writer. Also publishes photo books with herself as a model. Most of her e-books are about Kinbaku and BDSM. Some are also available in paperback version. Many of her works awarded first place in the categories Erotic Fiction, Subculture, Romance, and Erotic Photography in Amazon Kindle.

Yuki Sakurai



Alternate Names

櫻井ゆき (Japanese)


Became an e-book writer from Amazon Kindle on March 12th 2013.

Interesting points

Yuki Sakurai states the reason for her starting to publish books on the themes of Kinbaku and BDSM was because she felt something was wrong with existing books suggesting that every woman enters into porn and abandons herself to pleasure when they are aroused. But, this maybe only the wish of the majority of men, which she says is a delusion far from the truth: questioning what should men do, and what women expect. In order to express these points, Yuki Sakurai does not just describe sexual experiences, but gives importance to female curiousness and hesitance, as an erotic adventure.

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